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Educational toys

Educational toys
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Airplane launch with a slingshot

39 ₽ 75 ₽

The self-starting glowing airplane provides for launching from a slingshot, it is especially beautiful in flight when it gets dark...


Airplane with a slingshot

150 ₽ 155 ₽

Airplane with a slingshot. For someone it is a wonder, but for someone it is an echo of childhood, Everything is simple Took, hooked, pulled, aimed and released ... And then just joy and enjoyment of the flight of your Plane!..


Amphibious boat, developing toy.

290 ₽

Amphibious boat with aerodynamic drive. the research boat will carry out all scientific and reconnaissance tasks both on land and on water. refers to educational toys. from 10 pieces...


Bizibord, developing cube

2,450 ₽

Multifunctional educational puzzle is a nice gift for your child.Made of wooden parts, it is odorless and environmentally safe.The size of the toy is 36 * 25cm..


Children's railway from wood

1,700 ₽ 2,400 ₽

Children's railway, the dream of any child. The model presented to your attention is made of wood species, which will protect your child from scratches and cuts...


Designer Cool Supercar Bugatti

4,700 ₽ 7,200 ₽

The designer of increased complexity will be an interesting pastime for experienced modellers who have time to miss the complex assemblies of the model range...


Developing table, 1-3 years

3,800 ₽ 4,500 ₽

Especially for your kids! Developmental table will help the child to develop motor skills so necessary at such a young age, bright colors will attract attention, and moving parts will be able to permanently take on the young talen..


Drawing board

2,800 ₽ 3,400 ₽

The drawing board, due to its versatility, is suitable for acquiring drawing skills, both for children of preschool age and for the adult generation.Option 1. Category B height-100cm, 46x51cm;Option 2. Category C height-110cm, 46x..


Fire Truck Track

6,680 ₽ 7,000 ₽

If you want to make your child happy for the holiday, then this is exactly the gift you need...


Game table Lego

7,400 ₽ 8,500 ₽

The process of assembling various models of the designer contributes to the improvement of fine motor skills of hands, training of memory, logical and figurative thinking.Option 1. Table, dimensions 60x60x53, one removable table t..


Helicopter on rubber motor

150 ₽ 177 ₽

A helicopter with a rubber engine will be an entertaining and informative toy and, most importantly, completely safe, perfectly develop motor skills, suitable for children, but adults will not give up this pleasure...


Inflatable Designer

950 ₽ 1,500 ₽

The inflatable designer, will show interest at your child, not only to a motility and needlework, but also well will develop the imagination...

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