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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering
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4 wheel scooter

1,950 ₽ 3,100 ₽

Stylish scooter, made in bright colors. Adjustable in height, has a comfortable folding steering wheel. Equipped with rear foot brake, which will certainly be convenient to the child. It has 2 massive wheels in the front and 2 sma..


Balloon inflatable lizun

1,900 ₽ 3,400 ₽

Lightweight runbike, will be a good and useful gift for your child. Strengthen muscles, improve movement coordination and athletic response...


Bike Fatbike

13,600 ₽

Fatbike, the name has English roots and the first part means Fat - Thick. The peculiarity lies in the very wide wheels, which are the distinctive feature of Fatbike. Due to this feature, this bike has not only extravagant appearan..


Bike folding with shock absorber and speeds

9,500 ₽ 16,000 ₽

Bike folding with shock absorber and speed affects its compact size, taking up little space for storage and transportation. Thanks to this feature is one of the best solutions for lovers of two-wheeled traction.1st option: a foldi..


BMW Runbike ⌀ 14 inch

27,800 ₽

Runbike with handbrake, adjustable seat and mounted pedals...


Children's bicycle with a basket

5,300 ₽ 8,100 ₽

The children's bicycle provided to your attention, at the expense of the auxiliary wheels, well will be suitable for the beginning cyclists, having given a support to a rear wheel.Choice of option:1st option: wheel diameter 12 inc..


Double cycle bike

13,400 ₽ 16,200 ₽

The cycle mobile will be doubly more interesting when it is double. Will give your children an indelible impression and fun to ride...


Fatbike with alloy wheels

14,500 ₽ 21,000 ₽

Fetbike, not very common, but extremely interesting for its off-road performance bike. A distinctive feature of the Fatbike is the very wide wheels. Due to this feature, this bike has not only extravagant appearance, but also exce..


Fatbike with shock absorbers.

15,400 ₽ 21,000 ₽

Fatbike with shock absorbers is interesting for its off-road performance, having excellent all-terrain qualities, easily overcoming obstacles causing difficulty for ordinary bikes. Increased smoothness and softness of the stroke i..


Four-wheel drive

1,490 ₽ 2,300 ₽

The four-wheel racebike will be a good start for the little ones who are still learning to ride...


Handbrake with handbrake

3,300 ₽ 3,700 ₽

The runbike with handbrake significantly wins in maneuverability among other models. The frame is made of carbon steel...


Handbrake with handbrake

1,800 ₽ 2,400 ₽

The runbike with glowing wheels will always remain in the spotlight, as well as its owner.Choice of option:1st version - black runbike with plastic triple spokes;Option 2 - a red runbike with plastic triple knitting needles;3rd va..

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