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  Updates in our company have touched all the stages of working with clients. We have perfected the delivery system, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and reducing the delivery time. After the purchase of goods by our customers, company managers conduct a thorough visual inspection for defects. Making sure that the products are in excellent condition, managers pack the goods in film with bubbles, cardboard boxes and for reliability wrap the packing with scotch tape. In order to simplify the package as much as possible, and to reduce the cost of delivery, we remove unnecessary packing layers from the goods.

Next, the parcels arrive in St. Petersburg, where our employees once again inspect the boxes in a large warehouse, and repackage. From the warehouse in St. Petersburg your parcel is sent to you. For residents of Peter and the inhabitants of the Ring Road, and the surrounding areas within a radius of 50 km, the delivery of ordered products in our store is carried out by a courier company. For delivery to distant regions and countries, we use the services of trusted transport companies.

1. When delivering the goods, it is possible to divide the products into components and parcels (the electric scooter separately, the battery is separate)

2. For the preservation of fragile and easily damaged products, additional packaging or crate is possible (which is worth the extra financial cost)

3. In the presence of goods in a warehouse in St. Petersburg, the issue is made within 1-2 working days

4. When ordering, delivery to St. Petersburg is made within 3-15 calendar days, after delivery to the regions from 1 to 18 days. Due to holidays there may be delays

To say exactly how much it will cost to deliver your purchase is impossible. The final cost can be announced by the manager after the repackaging of the order, the choice of the transport company, the calculation on the tariff scale of the deliverer. Having received the exact final amount that the customer must pay for the delivery. Our manager sends you a text message or an e-mail with summary information.

As for the delivery time. From the moment of choosing products on the site before receiving the purchase in hand, it can take from 8 to 30 days. The exact period depends on the range of delivery, availability of goods, timely payment for the purchase by the customer.

For residents of the city of St. Petersburg, if the ordered package does not exceed a mass of 50 kg. and overall dimensions of 100x100x100 cm. Free delivery to below listed metro stations is possible:

            Metro Komendantsky Prospekt

            Metro Parnassus

            Metro square. Lenin (Finlyandsky Railway Station)

            Metro station Dybenko

            Metro Kupchino

            Metro station Leninsky Prospect

            Metro Rybatskoe

            Metro Devyatkino

           Metro station Staraya derevnya

Courier delivery in the city of St. Petersburg - 450.00 Кур

It is also possible to deliver outside the KAD to 50 km, the cost of delivery is calculated at 450 rubles + 10 rubles per kilometer.

When shipment by freight forwarding companies the amount of delivery is paid upon receipt.